One of the important issues in postgraduate education is the extraction of paper and publication of the paper in valid journals. The publication of a scientific article in famous publications in the scientific community indicates that the student has so much skill and knowledge in his field and expertise that he can publish his/her knowledge and findings internationally.
Another problem for medical researchers, especially beginners, is the lack of awareness of the role of parts of a standard article. The contents that should be included in the introduction are sometimes referred to in other sections; the confusion of the topic is created in the parts of the method and the results that lead to the reader’s confusion (including the reviewers). In the discussion section, there are some articles that should be included in the introduction. All these problems together lead to the creation of articles those are not eloquence necessary and even if the articles have the necessary scientific content because international readers cannot understand the importance of it, the articles will not be able to accept valid journals.
Among the organizations and institutions that grant scientific degrees and give them international credibility, we can mention the ISI, ISC, and Scopus and PubMed institutes.
Approving the papers from these institutions and publishing them in valid journals, will give a lot of benefits and special validity to the authors of the paper. The Pouya Negar Adib Caspian professional team, with two-way interactions, helps you increase your ability to write, and we increase the chances of article acceptance by correcting mistakes, while they are surrounded by the subtlety necessary to avoid committing acts contrary to the publication ethics.

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