Researchers around the world try to accept their articles in valid foreign journals and publications with the aim of presenting their research to the world. Accepting articles in journals with proper indexes can help students and professors improve their rank.
Accepting valid article is one way to improve resume for students that leads to acceptance to higher universities at higher levels. Also, professors can raise their faculty positions by accepting their valid paper and improve their academic rank against other professors.
The Pouya Negar Adib Caspian can accept the researches and articles written by the professors and students with improving the Native translation and editing, as well as by negotiating with the editor and reviewers of foreign journals in the best foreign publications.
Undoubtedly, the process of following the paper publication is not an easy part for students and professors and requires a lot of follow up that all follow-ups will be done by the Pouya Negar Adib Caspian Team as quickly as possible.

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